Cultivating Communities

Imagine walking into a room full of friends who share your best interests and are confident that you are invested in their best interests. What does that feel like? I liken it to walking into a room full of trust, learning and support. That is the feeling I had when I walked into the Sunset […]

32 Ways You Can Beat the Workforce Crisis

The workforce challenges we face can be debilitating. One day, we hire a rockstar to fill that critically important position, and all is right in the universe. The next day, we’re blindsided by the loss of a key employee, and we find ourselves reaching for the Tums. When will it end? The honest truth is […]

Dealer to Dealer: May

What is the most important to your organization- mission, core values, or vision? How do you instill that key element into your company’s culture? “Core values come first. I’m not sure you can set a vision or create a mission statement you can follow without having a code of ethics in place as a guide. […]

Practice What You Learn

In the Continuous Certification Q1 course, “Take Your Dealership From Good to Great with CRM,” instructor Sam Dantzler opened our eyes to asking how customers want to be contacted. Since then, I’ve been taking notice how the businesses that I interact with contact me. This week, I needed to get my bike tuned up and […]

#trainingdaywithMRAA Recap: What I Can’t Stop Thinking About

It has almost been a week since last Friday’s #trainingdaywithMRAA, and I can’t stop thinking about what Theresa Syer said in her session, “Make Customer Service Your Competitive Advantage.” “According to the IPSIS Mori Study, emotionally engaged customers are 3-times more likely to recommend you to others.” Whoa. We all know that the moment a […]

Experiences > Products

Experiences are greater than material products. I’ve been hearing this mantra from many directions lately. For example, Instagram is using influencers and ads to capture the experience you will get from engaging with the product – to capture the feelings and emotions tied to using their product. Going to a conference has changed; it used […]

Dealer to Dealer: April

What is your most effective marketing tactic to attract prospective customers to your dealership this time of year? “We are finding that making contacts at boat show and then inviting them to the dealership has been pretty effective. Whether it is cost effective is another question.” – John Ladner, Breath’s Boats & Motors “Open houses” […]

3 Real Changes Dealers are Implementing TODAY

All it takes is one small (or large) change at your dealership to increase your odds of success. At MRAA’s annual conference, the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo, we often remind attendees to not bite off more than they can chew and to prioritize a manageable list of their top three conference takeaways home with […]

MRAA Recommended Reading: Start With Why

It’s time for a wake-up call: Most of us have been selling the wrong stuff the wrong way. That’s according to the book, “Start with why: How great leaders inspire everyone to take action,” by Simon Sinek. It sounds like a book on leadership – and it is – but it also has some incredible […]