Dealer to Dealer: August

What is the most impactful lesson you learned about consumers during this selling season? “That everything I thought before about consumers is still true…when people feel like they have money and economy is good, whether they really can afford it or cannot, they wish to spend money and spend it less frugally.” – Ray Fernandez, […]

MRAA History: Don Galey

One of the original founders of the MRAA and of its Annual Conference, Don Galey of Galey’s Marine Supply, has collected awards like these at MRAA’s Annual Conference as far back as the 1970s and as recently as last year. Straight-ahead, Don.

Member Spotlight: Joe Lewis

Q: You have been in the boating world for some time, what is the most interesting decision you’ve made while in the boating business. Lewis: To stay in the business! (Kidding). The most interesting was to get into the business as a full service marina/dealership instead of a land-based dealership. It cost more up front, […]

Their Loss, Our Gain

My 13-year-old son, Nathan, and I spent an hour yesterday in a car dealership, signing the papers on a new vehicle. Nathan is passionate (obsessed is probably a better word for it) about anything that has a steering wheel, from the boat and the lawn tractor to his go-cart and the family cars. While my […]

MRAA History: Shirtsleeve Sessions

MRAA’s Shirtsleeve Sessions, which launched in 1977, represented the earliest days of MRAA’s Annual Conference. Leading dealers discussed and provided insights and solutions on the leading challenges and opportunities facing the marine business. #MRAAhistory #dealerfocused #throwbackthurday

Track customer experiences at your dealership

It’s been 19 years since Joseph Pine and James Gilmore authored their groundbreaking book, “The Experience Economy,” which boldly predicted that “future economic growth lies in the value of experiences and transformations — goods and services are no longer enough.” Whether Pine and Gilmore were premature in their prediction or it’s simply that their insight […]

Dealer to Dealer: July

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge leaders are facing today? There are “co-biggest” problems. 1) PreK-12 education – current model is not developing an employable product. There is excessive remedial work required whether by the post-secondary degree programs or employers. 2) Workers Comp /Health insurance – the cost continues to rise at an […]

MRAA History: MRAA Conference Booth

Throughout the 40 years of MRAA’s Annual Conference, the MRAA booth has been known by many names — MRAA Info Center, MRAA Rewards Pavilion, etc. — but no matter the name, MRAA’s team has always stood ready to support our dealers — at the conference or otherwise.

MRAA History: The Decade of the Dealer

In 1989, MRAA celebrated its 8th Annual National Conference, with a look ahead to the 1990s, a decade that we called the “Decade of the Dealer.” MRAA President Phil Keeter was quoted in this article as saying, “The retail marine dealer is the linchpin of the industry.” Today, we just consider every decade as the […]