Blog No. 3…

There are days where I sit down to write this blog and wonder if there’s anyone out there … anyone who cares what’s on my mind today. And, truth be told, there are likely few of you right now who do. So why do I do it? For a few reasons. First, I believe an […]

Great benefits

One of the most visible benefits that MRAA members receive is the discount afforded them with their registration to the MRAA annual meeting, also known as the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo. MRAA members save $50 on every employee they register for this event. For some dealers, such as Singleton Marine Group, that $50-per-registrant savings […]

Aspiring for greatness

It isn’t very often that we get to realize a long-held aspiration. But as you read this, I am getting that very opportunity, and I’d like to share that story with you. It was about four years ago now that I had what was then an off-the-record conversation with MRAA President Phil Keeter. In that […]