Roswell Marine Audio Supports the MRAA as a Platinum Partner Member

MINNEAPOLIS — The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas announced today that Roswell Marine joined The Association as a Platinum Partner Member.  

Through Platinum Partner Membership, Roswell Marine supports the MRAA, its programs and the opportunities the association provides the dealer body in an effort to fuel the success of the industry. Commitments from Platinum Partners like Roswell Marine allows for the expansion of MRAA’s offerings and creates a positive, long-term impact for its members.  

Roswell Marine Audio aims to revolutionize the marine industry with a signature sound engineered for perfection on the water. Roswell Audio line is celebrated by enthusiasts and the world’s top boat manufacturers in applications where unmatched clarity, power, durability, and style is demanded. as Roswell Audio evolves beyond sound alone to define a culture of acoustic perfection, it has become a catalyst for new experiences. 

Roswell, for the first time, exhibited at Dealer Week 2022 in Austin, Texas, where they showcased their R1 Marine Audio 6.5-inch & 8-inch marine speakers. Created without compromise, these speakers introduced new possibilities in marine audio, inspiring the development of the Roswell R1 audio line. 

“It was great to have Roswell Marine Audio attend its first Dealer Week event in Texas last December and now offer its support as a member,” says Allison Gruhn, Vice President of Business Development. “Technology plays a huge role in defining the boating experience for dealers and their customers. Roswell Marine Audio’s innovative courage and leadership is a terrific addition to our list of Platinum Partner Member.  

About Roswell Marine   

For 25 years, Roswell Marine has remained at the forefront of innovation; designing, engineering and manufacturing products for the world’s top boat builders. A vision focused on improving every experience on the water gives Roswell Marine an edge in delivering premium products that revolutionize the industry with award-winning results. 

About the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas 
At the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, we believe that for the marine industry to thrive, the retail organizations that interact with the boaters in their community must thrive. With that in mind, MRAA works to create a strong and healthy boating industry by uniting those retailers, providing them with opportunities for improvement and growth, and representing them with a powerful voice. For more information, visit or contact us at 763-315-8043.