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Converting the Forever Shopper

As a boat dealer it is almost a guarantee that you have had repeat customers. Those customers provide such a great feeling. You sold them a boat and then they came back. You did a fantastic job with the first sale. Then service took over and made the customer feel loved. Loyalty blossomed and that […]

Dealership Tip: Boat Storage Drop-off Lot

• Minnesota dealership creates a boat drop-off lot for its storage and winterization customers No one would fault a boat dealer if they chose to maintain the status quo during the seasonal shift from summer to fall, where demand for their Service Department’s time is at its maximum. Demand for storage and winterizing customers’ vessels […]

Redefining Your Approach to Establishing Trust – The Customer Experience Mindset in the Marine Retail Industry

By John Spence, johnspence.com Trust is a complex idea built on multiple pillars, such as honesty, integrity, reliability and competence. In the marine retail context, this translates into transparent pricing, consistent quality and the provision of expert advice. When a customer makes a significant investment, such as buying a yacht, they need more than just […]

MRAA Certified Dealership Program Helps Your Business Reach New Heights

• Create a more efficient, effective and resilient dealership that delivers an industry-leading customer experience To properly evaluate your dealership, you need to think like an eagle. According to allaboutvision.com, raptors (birds of prey) have superb vision at a distance, but the eagle is supreme with the ability to see roughly eight times as far […]

Boost Customer Experience & Boater Retention by Throwing a Helpline

• How Providing a Summer Season Hotline Will Improve Your Customers’ Boat Ownership Experience As our team was building the June MRAA Spotlight page about keeping your customers boating, Barletta, an MRAA Strategic Partner, announced that it was improving its Holiday Hotline by transitioning it into a Summer Season Helpline. This initiative is an inspiring […]

Competing on Price: Stop Playing a Losing Game

• Customer Experience – A Winning Strategy in a Softening Market By Liz Walz “Competing on price is a loser’s game … Competing on product has also become really difficult.” So writes customer experience expert and Dealer Week 2022 Opening Keynote speaker Dan Gingiss in the introduction to his book, “The Experience Maker.” So how […]

RECT: Today’s No. 1 Customer Experience Metric

Your service department holds the key to a quality customer experience. With the twists and turns of every new season, the needs and demands of boater buyers and owners change. These evolving needs, of course, are brought on by the ever-changing economy, technological advances, product development, consumer sentiment and satisfaction, and experiences found elsewhere in […]