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Seeking Greatness

• Interest in the Great Dealerships to Work For awards criteria suggests a commitment to excellence. After I sent out the recent MRAA press release announcing the 22 Certified Dealerships that earned a 2023 Great Dealerships to Work For (GDTWF) award at Dealer Week in Tampa, Fla., I received an email response asking what is […]

MRAA Certified Dealership Program Helps Your Business Reach New Heights

• Create a more efficient, effective and resilient dealership that delivers an industry-leading customer experience To properly evaluate your dealership, you need to think like an eagle. According to allaboutvision.com, raptors (birds of prey) have superb vision at a distance, but the eagle is supreme with the ability to see roughly eight times as far […]

Best Friend at Work

By Bob McCann, MRAA Lead MICD Program Consultant Think about your workplace for a few minutes, and imagine a stressful day – we all have them now and again. Think for a second about when that stress bubbles up, who at work do you run to? Who do you vent to? From whom do you […]