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Continuous Certification Goes Live at Dealer Week

The Certification program is happy to announce that the Q4 Continuous Certification course: Supercharge Your Customer Experience will be available live at Dealer Week! The course, taught by Theresa Syer of Syer Hospitality, will be offered as a two-hour workshop during the final morning of the MRAA conference and expo. Dealers in Continuous Certification will […]

Chupich, Stevenson Join MRAA Team as MICD Program Consultants

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas welcomes industry experts, Rallee Chupich and Zane Stevenson, as the association’s newest Marine Industry Certified Dealership program consultants. “We are thrilled to welcome Rallee and Zane to the MRAA Certification team,” says Liz Keener, MRAA Certification Manager, “We have been working tirelessly to promote and demonstrate the value […]

Tiara Yachts | Tiara Sport Makes Three-Year Commitment with MRAA on Dealer Certification

Tiara Yachts and Tiara Sport along with the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas have partnered together to bring the Tiara dealer network a pathway to delivering a greater customer experience through a 3-year commitment to the Marine Industry Certified Dealer program. To encourage participation by their dealer network, Tiara Yachts and Tiara Sport will […]

MRAA Releases “Job Descriptions That Amp Up Productivity” White Paper

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas published its latest white paper, “Job Descriptions That Amp Up Productivity,” presented by the Marine Industry Certified Dealership program. This digital publication was developed to empower employers to craft internal and external job descriptions that create a more productive, accountable and satisfying work environment. The white paper directs […]

Certification Program Launches Q3 Course

The Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program has released its third quarter Continuous Certification course: Align Your Dealership with Today’s Customer. This course is part of the requirements for dealers to maintain their Certification status and to continually improve their dealership. Align Your Dealership with Today’s Customer teaches dealers about consumers’ needs and wants and how […]

Dealer Shares His Certification Story

Jim Armington of Buckeye Sports Center has been a part of the Marine Industry Certified Dealership program for about a decade, and he recently shared his experience with us. “Originally, we signed up for dealer Certification, to be honest, to get the dealer Certification merit badge, to get the sticker in the window, not knowing […]

MICD announces 6-Week Program

The Marine Industry Certified Dealership program has launched a new path to help dealers complete the initial Certification process in just 6 weeks. The 6-Week Certification Completion Plan breaks down the formal 15-part checklist into manageable weekly steps that allow dealers to achieve their Certification status in a shorter period of time. Dealers will still […]

Continuous Certification Launches Employee Satisfaction Survey Process

As seasonal dealerships are ramping up for their peak season, the Continuous Certification program has kicked off Employee Satisfaction Survey season. Dealers in the Continuous Certification program recently received links to their Employee Satisfaction Surveys (ESS). The ESS process allows dealers to survey their employees anonymously to get a clearer view of the culture within […]

120 Marine Dealerships Completed Continuous Certification Program in Inaugural Year

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas is pleased to announce that more than 120 marine dealerships completed the inaugural year of the association’s Continuous Certification program. The all-new Continuous Certification program was launched January 2018 as a powerful revamp to the previous “Re-Certification” process. The new program was built specifically for Certified Dealers and […]