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Building a Legacy With Royal Effort!

• Great Dealership to Work For Spotlight: How a Certified Dealership in Regal & Nautique of Orlando is Making Quite a Wake in the Florida Boating Scene Winning is often viewed as the definition of success by many. From sports to business, where you find winners, you regularly find strong leadership, purpose-driven tactics and people […]

MRAA Certified Dealership Program Helps Your Business Reach New Heights

• Create a more efficient, effective and resilient dealership that delivers an industry-leading customer experience To properly evaluate your dealership, you need to think like an eagle. According to allaboutvision.com, raptors (birds of prey) have superb vision at a distance, but the eagle is supreme with the ability to see roughly eight times as far […]

MRAA Adds 3 New Consultants to Enhance Dealer Certification Program

MINNEAPOLIS — The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas announces the addition of three new consultants within the Dealership Certification program, to meet participation demands and growth. Kurt Von Ahnen, Paula Crosbie and Dixie Morrow have partnered with the MRAA to facilitate Dealership Certification webinar series sessions. The consultants were selected because of their experience […]

Best Friend at Work

By Bob McCann, MRAA Lead MICD Program Consultant Think about your workplace for a few minutes, and imagine a stressful day – we all have them now and again. Think for a second about when that stress bubbles up, who at work do you run to? Who do you vent to? From whom do you […]

Regal & Nautique of Orlando Named Water Sports Industry Association ‘Marine Dealer of the Year’

• RNO Wins Top International Water Sports Retailer for 2023 ORLANDO, FLORIDA – It’s a winning trifecta for top marine retailer Regal & Nautique of Orlando (RNO). Besides being named the #1 Dealer in North America by Boating Industry Magazine in its Top 100 ranking last November, followed by recognition among the “Great Dealerships to […]

Nautique Boats Renews Dealer Certification Incentive

MINNEAPOLIS – September 13 – The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas announces that Nautique Boats has renewed its dealer incentive program that provides greater access to the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program and rewards dealers who achieve Certified status. Nautique dealers who earn Dealership Certification by Jan. 1, 2023, are eligible for the incentive, […]

MRAA’s Dealer Certification Program Launches 2022 Education

MINNEAPOLIS, January 18, 2022 — The Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program has released its 2022 Continuous Certification Curriculum. For 2022, Certified Dealers will be earning credits for four courses. The first, launched January 12, is “The Key Performance Indicators of a Profitable Dealership” by Bob Clements and Sara Hey of Bob Clements International. The second […]

Marine Industry Certified Dealership Employee Satisfaction Survey Reaches 15,000 Responses

MINNEAPOLIS — The MRAA’s Marine Industry Certified Dealership program has collected more than 15,000 responses from dealership personnel in its Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS). The ESS is a survey taken annually by dealership staff at Certified locations. It asks employees 33 questions about their dealership’s culture, in which the employees rate the dealership on a […]