Installing an Onboarding Process to Help Employees Find Success

Recently you’ve probably heard about the terms “quiet quitting” and “voluntary turnover” while researching hiring and onboarding for your dealership. One reason for these terms and their rise can be attributed to reduced employee engagement and less satisfaction within the workplace. And a lack of training — a problem that often begins as soon as […]

The Fortune is in the Follow-Up

By Bob McCann, Lead MICD Program Consultant Let’s say you’re in the market for a new SUV – a big investment these days. You’re torn between two models from two different dealerships. They seem similar from the looks, performance, price and test drive. The salesperson at one dealership has called to check on you since […]

Competing on Price: Stop Playing a Losing Game

• Customer Experience – A Winning Strategy in a Softening Market By Liz Walz “Competing on price is a loser’s game … Competing on product has also become really difficult.” So writes customer experience expert and Dealer Week 2022 Opening Keynote speaker Dan Gingiss in the introduction to his book, “The Experience Maker.” So how […]

Find Your Salesperson Superpower

• Best Practice for Overcoming Price Objections: Listen to Your Customers More Than You Talk By Bob McCann Many salespeople are conversationalists. That’s a great asset since you’re dealing with new people every day. But to make a sale, you must also be an excellent listener. Listening is the best way to learn how to […]

2023 Boat Show Season Underway

• Week One of the New Year Brings With it Boats Shows, Dealers & Shoppers The 2023 boat show season kicks off this week. There’s the Discover Boating Nashville Boat Show, which runs Jan. 5-8 at the Music City Center in Tennessee. Many boat shows are back on the docket this year, including nearly a […]

Your Voice Moves the Needle – Help Stop Imposter Schemes!

Fraud and impersonation scams are a growing problem with increasing frequency and greater levels of sophistication. Unfortunately, due to the pervasive nature of these scams some of our very own MRAA members and staff have fallen victims to these scams. These impersonation scams manifest themselves a wide-range range of ways, from someone texting you impersonating […]